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If your business is finding healthcare coverage to be unaffordable...
we offer businesses affordable membership coverage for your employees.
Give your employees access to affordable care
without the high premiums


$60/month per employee

(5 employee miniumum)

One-Time Registration Fee

All members must pay an enrollment fee of $99. The enrollment fee is due at the start of the membership.                   

Cancellation Policy:

While we hope you allow us to care for you and your employees, we understand that circumstances change. You may cancel your membership by calling the office. Cancellations take effect 90 days after the request is made.


 If you need employee coverage without the high premiums, we offer an alternative to the traditional plans. Gulfshore Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers a monthly membership that gives your employees access to a primary care physician who can render traditional primary care services.

Non-covered Costs

Direct Primary Care does not cover every important medical need, such as specialist care or hospital stays, but it is an affordable alternative to supplement traditional plans, or for businesses struggling to provide a healthcare plan to employees.
Gulfshore DPC is not health insurance; we still recommend that all patients obtain a high deductible “catastrophic” health insurance policy for emergencies like hospitalizations.
  • Comprehensive/Annual physicals including completion of school and/or work forms.
  • Preventative care including counseling
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Preventative care including counseling on reducing risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer and more.
  • Convenient access with no co-pays or deductibles
  • Access includes extended office visits, same day or next day visits, via e-mail, text and/or phone calls
  • Visits with the physician throughout the year
  • In-office testing can include EKG, Spirometry, Pulse Oximetry, Urine Dipstick, Rapid Strep, Hearing Screen, Ear Wax Removal