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Healthcare that is affordable and accessible 
is now available
If you are looking to reduce your health care costs, a Direct Primary Care membership will offer you quality care at an affordable price. Membership offers increased availability to the physician and more time for each patient visit. Patient panel will be limited, so call us today.

18 – 34 years old      $65/month

35 – 64 years old      $80/month

65+ years old            $95/month

One-Time Registration Fee

All members must pay an enrollment fee of $99. The enrollment fee is due at the start of the membership.                   

Cancellation Policy:

While we hope you allow us to care for you and your employees, we understand that circumstances change. You may cancel your membership by calling the office. Cancellations take effect 90 days after the request is made.

Non-covered Costs

Direct Primary Care does not cover every important medical need, such as specialist care or hospital stays, but it is an affordable alternative to supplement traditional plans, or for businesses struggling to provide a healthcare plan to employees.
• Direct communication to your physician by way of cell phone, text or email throughout the day, 365 days a year.
• Extended primary care office visits with no co-pays or deductibles.
• The security of having a private physician dedicated to the well-being of you and your family.
• The convenience of making appointments that accommodate your schedule.
• A relationship with your doctor that fosters trust and a growing knowledge of your personal health.

• Quality care that includes wellness, prevention and chronic disease management provided by highly skilled primary care physicians.
• The comfort of receiving care during on-time, unrushed appointments in a pleasant environment.
• An annual comprehensive physical examination that facilitates optimum health.
• Coordination of care with specialists and diagnostic testing, when needed.

In short, we deliver healthcare that is more personal, private, attentive, accessible, and comprehensive.

Gulfshore Direct Primary Care gives you access to…

Offering Individuals and businesses affordable membership coverage.